Franco Ferri Italia

Franco Ferri Italia is a brand that has always been capable to anticipate the changes in taste, ways of living creating a modern design that is destined to last over time.


Brand Profile

A story of passion, craftsmanship and design that begins in 1956 with Rocco Ferri senior and continues until today with Franco Ferri and his children Rocco and Paola , now in their third generation.

Projecting itself towards new and exciting future goals, the brand has always remained faithful to its philosophy: to use and develop the precious artisan techniques , the high manual wisdom , combining them with new technologies and with materials of absolute value , to respond to the demands of modernity .

Winning the challenge of knowing how to interpret contemporary design styles with a recognizable, precise identity, without ever forgetting one’s origins. This is how Franco Ferri Italia has become, over the years, synonymous with that all-Italian craftsmanship applied to seats and coordinated accessories that ensure comfort and value.

Also focusing on industrial modernisation, on its internationalisation, on the conquest of new markets, the company has been able to incorporate the complete production cycle within itself, with investments in advanced technologies such as the automated leather cutting machine.

brand that has always interpreted changes in taste, society and new living needs, with a modern design destined to last over time.

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