Cuborosso, People, Ideas, Inventions The ability to think differently, to innovate starting from matter. The past meets the present, tradition meets design. A story of passion, research and quality all made in Italy.


Brand Profile

Cubo Rosso was born from a great passion for design, an Italian company specialized in the design, production and sale of quality upholstered furniture.
Sofas, convertible sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories are made by our artisans exclusively in Italy and exported all over the world, using the most modern technologies, quality materials and coverings, carefully selected.

The wide range of products is characterized by an eclectic and dynamic style, unique and unmistakable, a fusion of craftsmanship and design.The Apulian company, based in Gravina in Puglia (BA), was founded in 2009 as an artisan activity specializing in the processing of leather upholstery.

Later it expanded its production, expanding its market beyond national borders, exporting its products all over the world.

n these years of activity Cubo Rosso has been able to create its own unmistakable style, which is based on some highly distinctive elements such as color, harmony of shapes, functionality, comfort and technology.

With a line that ranges from the most modern products to the most refined and elegant ones, Cubo Rosso has the right answer for every furnishing need, thanks to the breadth and quality of its proposals, characterized by personality, dynamism and attention to detail .Among the company’s prides, a production entirely located in Puglia, which uses only local suppliers and workers, demonstrating a strong link with the territory and its origins.

The technical and aesthetic design of a product to improve people’s lives. Red Cube offers a design that is born from the analysis between form and function, from experimentation and from the combination of materials and continuous innovation.

Our Design Team brings together creativity and advanced production technologies, for modern and elegant, innovative and exclusive design furniture systems.

The collaboration with established designers and new talents allows to create solutions in line with the different market needs. The mix of shapes, materials, coatings and finishes is today the distinctive element of the most exclusive settings.

The goal of Cubo Rosso is to enhance the Living areas, give them comfort and make them unique.

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